β€˜Extra Bold Gold nugget’ beans are sourced and processed in Mysore India. Each bean is individually blessed by virgin Dakini, a process that can only take place under the light of a full moon. The result is an erotic blend of sweet and spicy flavours. 

Colombian Tierradentro Inza beans produce a classy berry profile with chocolate overtones. Little need be said for the incredible volumes and quality of addictive substances from what is commonly known as the Cocaine capital of the world. Much like the properties of the illicit substance, Inza gets you high!

Yirgacheffe in Ethiopia produce beans with the mixed taste of strawberries, marmalade, blueberries and milk chocolate. Legends are told of dolphins emerging from the Gulf of Aden insighting a lust driven spiritual war with Haile Selassei the first and the rastafarian legions. After an arduous march upon the promised coffee lands of Ethiopia, the dolphins were ultimately driven back to the ocean, thus securing the beans in their land of origin forevermore. Jah Bless!

Kenyan beans from Gethumbwini Estate have the perfect balance between tart and the sweetness of ripe citrus fruits. Local folklore maintains that the ghosts of witches haunt the beans. These witches would create heavy brews using the Gethumbwini beans that would put them into a lucid trance-like state for weeks on end, making it the perfect ingredient to add to their dark potions.

This blend has been designed to heighten your senses and make you happy inside!

Get the guru inside you!